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Lack of Posts, Twitter, 10 khinkali in 10 minutes!

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I’ve noticed I’ve been posting a lot less lately. I think there are a few reasons. First of all, I’ve been pretty busy at work, compiling and summarizing documents. It is now basically done, and it feels pretty rewarding. Other reasons probably include laziness, and the fact that I’ve gotten a book that I’ve started writing in.

Also, I’ve started using twitter, and have been updating that more often than my blog, just a few words as updates. Optimally, I’d like to expand upon on these in blog entries, cause some of them are pretty interesting.

A lot of stuff has been happening recently, and I have stuff I want to write about from more than 2 months ago, so I’m going to get this stuff out before more recent stuff erases it from my memory.

I’ll start with today. I went to work early-ish, partly because I’ve been sick and have been going to bed at times that are usually ridiculously early for me. So I get in and finish up that thing I’ve been working on, our staff meeting gets canceled, and so I head off to meet Stefano to do some Georgian homework before our lesson.

Lesson goes ok, we’re both a little sick and drink some cold powder in hot water during our lesson. Tim popped in and mentioned that neither of us have updated our blogs in a long time.

Afterwards, Stefo heads home, I go back to the office, check some stuff and realize my internet isn’t working and that I’m still sick, so I decide to head home too. I cross the street and wait for a bus. Busses home almost never come, but today I hardly had to wait for a 33 which I take to work often, so I presume it goes hack home too.

So, I sit on the bus for a while. After half an hour, I sortof lose track of where in the city we are, and after another half hour I realize we’ve gone past metro stops I’ve never even heard of. Sitting on the bus was nice, I was listening to jazz on Georgian radio (my new cellphone has a radio tuner), and I was getting nice and warm in my coat, but an hour was enough. I got off and walked about 10 minutes back to the last metro station we past. It was the second last station to the end of the line, almost in Gldani, this neighbourhood that I’ve only heard of in the context of a punch line of a joke making something that is incredibly far away from anything.

Boy, it looked pretty rough out there. Living in the center of the city, I’ve forgotten that pretty much every city I’ve been in gets pretty raggedy around the edges, and Tbilisi sure does. I suppose I’ve noticed it before, but it can be a little charming, with patchwork concrete buildings as each apartment does makeshift renovations. I guess I was just feeling a little down, and it looked pretty dismal.

While walking to the metro, I decided I was going to get something to eat, so I made some plans. When I got out of the metro near my house, I saw a 33 bus going by and wondered if it was the same one I had gotten off of 15 minutes before. I headed to one of the better khinkali restaurants in the city (some of my Georgian friends claim it sells the best).

I sat down and ordered 10 khinkali and a beer. Oh, yeah, khinkali, they are these dumplings, probably originally from Mongolia, they exist in some form or another all the way from Mongolia to here at least. They are the size of a small fist, with the dough coming together at the top like a nipple, filled with meat and essentially broth. You cover them with pepper and then grab the nipple and take a bit, sucking out most of the juice. 2 might be a small snack, I typically eat 6 for a meal, my record has been 13 of them at once, so 10 is a fair amount for me.

They came and I just ate 10 of them in 10 minutes, along with 2 beers. I kind of waddled home, feeling very proud of myself.

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February 9, 2009 at 12:56 pm

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  1. come on,Ben,who told u that khinkhali comes originally from mongolians,nonsence,man….
    Khinkhali was born in east mountains of georgia and as much as i know Mongolians have never stepped there because they were acustomed to flat ground and they didnt have any nerves to go up to mountains and conquer those territories,so i dont think u’ve got a true information about that:):):)


    June 29, 2009 at 5:21 pm

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