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Update from Moscow

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I’m still alive and in Moscow now.  I have news – I’m indeed going to Georgia soon.  I got word from the State Department and grants are resuming.  I am flying to Kyiv Tuesday, which has been my plan for a while, and from there I will be going to Tbilisi in about a week.

A lady at the embassy in Tbilisi has offered to reserve me a guest house for my first few nights in Tbilisi and then help me find a more permanent apartment.  I’ll keep you posted on my new life in Georgia.  On my train ride to Moscow, I had an amazing dream:  I was in the mountains in Georgia with a beard, wearing a white suit, eating shashlik, being important.  It felt incredible.

I have been writing updates for this and other places, but I have not gotten around to editing and posting them, but they will get posted somewhere at somepoint.


Written by bensweeney

September 15, 2008 at 3:50 am

Posted in dream, Travel Plans, update

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